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সিটিজেন চার্টার


Citizen Charter for services at Upazila Health Complex

The Service Seekers reserve the rights for the following services

  1. Essential health care services are provided to all who have access to an Upazila Health Complex (UHC) irrespective of male or female, young or old.
  2. The Emergency department remains open for 24 hours round the clock and required services are provided to the patients.
  3. Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) corner is available for patients suffering from Diarrheal 0Diseases.
  4. Necessary pathological tests and x-rays facilities are available for the patients seen at the outpatient department (OPD) or admitted indoors.
  5. Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) services are provided round the clock to women needing essential obstetric care.
  6. Patients of Inpatient department (IPD) get appropriate treatment related to medical, surgical, gynecological or of other discipline under the guidance of Specialists. Major or minor operations, wherever required, should be done at the facility.
  7. National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program ensures that facilities are available for sputum examination for patients suffering from Tuberculosis. Medicines are provided free of cost to patients suffering from Tuberculosis and Leprosy.
  8. Under Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI) program, vaccinations are provided to women of child bearing age (15-49) and children (0-15).
  9. Health, Education and Promotion (HEP) program disseminate behavior change communication as regards maintenance of proper health giving emphasis on role of healthy diet and reproductive health care.
  10. Activities related to women friendly hospital initiatives (WFHI) are conducted wherever applicable.
  11. Activities related to child friendly hospital are conducted wherever applicable.
  12. Training programs for Skill Birth Attendants (SBA) are conducted wherever required.
  13. Attending adolescents and couples of reproductive age groups are provided with reproductive health and family planning awareness.
  14. In order to popularize Alternative Medical Care with the attending patients, related medical care is also provided wherever needed.
  15. The patients referred from Union Sub-centers and Family Welfare Centers are provided with appropriate treatment in the UHC. The more complicated cases are referred to District Hospitals for further treatment.
  16. Medicines are provided free of cost to the patients subject to availability of the medicines. In some cases, for the proper treatment, some medicines are to be bought from outside by the service seekers.
  17. Lists are displayed showing stock of medicines available, types of services provided and the names of the service providers.

Service Providers reserve the right to cordial behavior from the service seekers.